MoistScan® MA-100 Bulk Sample Benchtop Analyzer

General Description

The MA-100 is Callidan’s latest edition to the MoistScan® product range. The MA-100 is an at-line bulk sample bench top analyser. It analyses a large sample and returns a moisture result in less than 20 seconds.

The benefit of the MA-100 over traditional bench top moisture analysers is:

•    The sample analysed is hundreds of times larger hence much more
      representative – the MA-100 takes a sample of 1-3 litres. This
      compares with a traditional lab analyses or less then 5ml

   The result is instantaneous – the MA-100 takes returns a moisture result in less than 20 seconds. Traditional
      oven dried moisture methods can takes hours and halogen moisture drying analyser take up to 10 minutes.


Benefits  Features
•    Superior Precision and Accuracy •    Analyzes 100% of the material on the conveyor
      from top to bottom
•    Uses MoistScan® patented microwave technology
      which is  the most popular microwave technology
      on the market for measuring moisture in bulk
•    Mass compensation Device Not
•    Analyser operates independent of mass flow rate
•    Non Contact •    No contact with the material
•    Non Nucleonic •    No radioactive source is required
•    Low Whole of Life Costs •    As no beltweigher or radioactive source is required
      the ongoing costs associated with servicing and
      regulatory compliance is minimal.
•    No wearing parts
•    No consumables
•    Easy to Install •    Fully assembled and easily bolts to the stringer
      supports of  the conveyor
•    Seamless Plant Integration •    Wide range of communication options for 
      transmitting data to Plant PLC
•    Remote Access Calibration &
•    Cost-effective remote communication access for
      periodic checking of calibration

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