MoistScan® MA-600VDF Vertical Disk Filter Online Moisture Meter

General Description

The MoistScan MA-600VDF online microwave moisture sensor is custom designed to accurately measure the moisture in the filter cake of a vertical or rotary disc filter. Typically the microwave antenna comprising the transmitter and receiver is housed in a c-frame configuration. This is fitted to a single filter disk such that the microwave signal is transmitted through the entire material profile on both sides of the disk.

The MA-600HBF is suitable for use on most metallic and non metallic mineral concentrates. Typical uses from the MA-600HBF are:

•    R
eal time moisture analysis of Copper concentrate
Continuous moisture determination of Coal filter cake
Online microwave moisture analysis of Iron ore concentrate
Real time moisture analysis of Lead and Zinc concentrate
    Continuous moisture calculation of Nickel concentrate


Benefits  Features
•    Superior Precision and Accuracy •    Analyzes 100% of the material on the conveyor
      from top to bottom
•    Uses MoistScan® patented microwave technology
      which is  the most popular microwave technology
      on the market for measuring moisture in bulk
•    Belt Scale not required •    Measures the bed depth of the material to
      compensate for mass flow rate. Other microwave
      analysers often require an input from a
      beltweigher or a radioactive source
•    Non Contact •    No contact with the material
•    Non Nucleonic •    No radioactive source is required
•    Low Whole of Life Costs •    As no beltweigher or radioactive source is required
      the ongoing costs associated with servicing and
      regulatory compliance is minimal.
•    No wearing parts
•    No consumables
•    Easy to Install •    Fully assembled and easily bolts to the stringer
      supports of  the conveyor
•    Seamless Plant Integration •    Wide range of communication options for
      transmitting data to Plant PLC
•    Remote Access Calibration &
•    Cost-effective remote communication access for
      periodic checking of calibration

Application example



Nickel Concentrate
Rotary disc filter
8 - 10%
Process automation and feed-back control

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