MoistScan® MA-100 Bulk Sample Portable Analyzer

General Description

The MoistScan® MA-100 online moisture analyser is Callidan’s latest edition to its MoistScan® product range.  The MA-100 is an at-line bulk sample portable analyser.  It analyses a large sample and returns a moisture result in less than 20 seconds.  

The MA-100 is suitable for use on the majority of bulk materials spanning the mining, mineral processing, food, building materials, and agriculture.

Typical uses include:

• Measuring moisture in stockpiles such as coal, nickel ore, bagasse and woodchip
• Measuring filter cake moisture in minerals
• Spot checking moistures in truckloads and shiploads of grains and other agricultural products
• At line sampling of food products in blenders and mixers

The MA-100 is fully integrated into a pelican case and incorporates the following features.

• A large 3 litre bucket ensures representative sample
• Simply pressing a button will give you the moisture result in less than 10 seconds
• User friendly display makes calibration easy
• Can hold up to 10 calibrations for different product types
• USB and Ethernet for connection to PC
• Battery powered for use in the field

The benefit of the MA-100 over traditional bench top moisture analysers is:

•    The sample analysed is hundreds of times larger hence much more
      representative – the MA-100 takes a sample of 1-3 litres.  This   
      compares with a traditional lab analyses or less then 5ml
•    The result is instantaneous – the MA-100 takes returns a moisture
      result in less than 20 seconds.  Traditional oven dried moisture methods
takes hours and halogen moisture drying analyser take up to 10 minutes.  


MA-100 Bulk Sample Portable Analyser                              Inside the MA-100 suitcase                                          The MA-100 suitcase

Application example

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