MoistScan® MA-500HDi On Belt Online Microwave Moisture Analyser

General Description

The MoistScan MA-500HDi online microwave moisture analyser is purpose-engineered for the iron ore industry. It is suitable for iron ores, iron ore concentrates, iron ore filter cake, iron ore pellets and sinter blends. The MA-500HDi incorporates the MoistScan® patented microwave moisture measurement technique with NFA® (near field analysis) technology. The MA-500HDi is highly responsive to subtle changes in moisture. It is a proven performer on hematite. The moisture detector may also be suitable for measuring moisture in magnetite ores however this is highly application dependent.

The MA-500HDi fits to a standard belt conveyor. The MA-500HDi fits to a standard belt conveyor such that the microwave transmitter is located below the belt and the detector is located above the burden.  This enables continuous moisture determination of the material as it passes between the transmitter and detector. It has a rugged c-frame configuration, is supplied fully assembled and is easily installed. Standard are many different communication options for sending and receiving data. Its user-friendly features are designed to assist with commissioning & calibration. Importantly, the data storage and communication capabilities of the MA-500HDi enable technical support via remote access for diagnostic purposes and periodic calibration verification.


Benefits  Features
•    Superior Precision and Accuracy •    Analyzes 100% of the material on the conveyor from
      top to bottom
•    Uses MoistScan® patented microwave technology
      which is the most popular microwave technology
      on the market for measuring moisture in bulk
•    Belt Scale not required •    Measures the bed depth of the material to
      compensate for mass flow rate. Other  microwave
      analysers often require an input from a beltweigher
      or a radioactive source
•    Non Contact •    No contact with the material
•    Non Nucleonic •    No radioactive source is required
•    Low Whole of Life Costs •    As no beltweigher or radioactive source is required
      the ongoing costs associated with servicing and
      regulatory compliance is minimal.
•    No wearing parts
•    No consumables
•    Easy to Install •    Fully assembled and easily bolts to the stringer
      supports of the conveyor
•    Seamless Plant Integration •    Wide range of communication options for transmitting
      data to Plant PLC
•    Remote Access Calibration &
•    Cost-effective remote communication access for
      periodic checking of calibration

Application Examples


Steel Mill - Mexico

Bed Depth:

Iron Ore Filter Product
Conveyor C after disc filters and prior to pelletiser
Up to 150mm
8 - 11%
Monitor performance of filter discs


Steel Mill - Brazil

Bed Depth:

Iron Ore Pellets
On-conveyor to ship load out
Up to 450mm
1 - 3%
Dust management


Steel Mill - USA

Bed Depth:

MA-500HDi  (2 units)
Sinter Blend
On conveyor feed to blast furnace
1 to 6%
Control moisture of sinter fed to blast furnace

Other MoistScan® MA-500 On-belt Moisture Analysers options:

•     MA-500 Standard
•     MA-500HD

Video of Coal Passing MoistScan® MA-500

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