MoistScan® MA-600CMA In-Chute Online Microwave Moisture      Detector

General Description

The MoistScan MA-600CMA in-chute real time moisture meter is designed specifically for applications where there is a need to measure moisture of the material as it falls under gravity whilst passing through a chute or hopper. A case in point is where you want to measure the dry tonnage stored in a silo or bin. The MA-600CMA antenna horns are custom-built to fit the size of the chute or hopper.  The antenna are configured so as to create an electromagnetic field through which the material passes.  By measuring changes in the the microwave properties of the magnetic field the percentage percentage of the material is calculated and continuously reported in real time.


Benefits  Features
•    Superior Precision and Accuracy •    Analyzes 100% of the material on the conveyor from
      top to bottom
•    Uses MoistScan® patented microwave technology
      which is the most popular microwave technology
      on the market for measuring moisture in bulk
•    Mass Compensation Device Not
•    Analyser operates independent of mass flow rate
•    Non Contact •    No contact with the material
•    Non Nucleonic •    No radioactive source is required
•    Low Whole of Life Costs •    As no beltweigher or radioactive source is required
      the ongoing costs associated with servicing and
      regulatory compliance is minimal.
•    No wearing parts
•    No consumables
•    Easy to Install •    Fully assembled and easily bolts to the stringer
      supports of the conveyor
•    Seamless Plant Integration •    Wide range of communication options for transmitting
      data to Plant PLC
•    Remote Access Calibration &
•    Cost-effective remote communication access for
      periodic checking of calibration

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