The MoistScan® MA-600plus moisture gauge is a recent development by Callidan Instruments and offers the potential to measure more than just moisture. The MoistScan® MA-600plus was developed with the food processing industry in mind where the ability to measure bulk density, fat or salt content would be a significant advantage.

Late in 2003 trials were conducted of the MoistScan® MA-600plus on pasta in static and online configurations with great success.

Pasta tested in these trials had a moisture content ranging from 9% to 32%, consistent with moistures to be expected at either product packing or the output of a dryer or extruder.

The MoistScan® MA-600plus performs moisture analysis very well on pasta and has a high accuracy in both dynamic and static configurations.

There is a very confident expectation within Callidan that with further testing on pasta, correlations will increase and errors decrease for a number of reasons. Given that the samples analysed thus far are few, a larger number of samples will give stronger correlations. The static data that has been presented covers a range of moistures from 10 to 35%, this is uncharacteristically large and most processes will have a moisture range within 10%, i.e.:

   At the output of a dryer: 8 – 12% Moisture (std error ~ 0.2%)
   At the output of an extruder: 28 – 35% Moisture (std error ~ 0.4%

Calibrations derived from samples within such ranges would have stronger correlations with lower standard errors, this was confirmed by the analysis of the dynamic data.


Application example


Pasta Manufacturer - USA


Macaroni Pasta
On output of  the dryer
8 - 12%
Quality control and yield maximisation


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