Callidan Instruments offers a broad range of online moisture analysis solutions.  Irrespective of where in your process you wish to measure the moisture, a model of MoistScan® is available to suit your requirements.  

Our standard range includes designs to measure the moisture of material:

•    On a belt conveyor
•    In a pipe
•    In a screw feeder - auger
•    On a vertical - rotary disc filter
•    On a horizontal belt filter
•    In a hopper – chute

We also make:

• A bulk sample portable analyzer for quick turnaround at-line analysis.
• An analyser for thin film applications.
• An analyser for extremely thick bed depths.

Far from an off-the-shelf supplier, Callidan is renowned for developing customized solutions should your application be particularly unique.


The Ashscan Duo is a single enclosed design for accurate Ash and Moisture monitoring


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